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Business Contracts:

Draft – Review – Revise – Customize – Litigate

Most savvy and seasoned business-owners recognize how much added value a competent business contracts attorney can provide versus using template or boiler-plate contracts found online or in cheap software packages at your local office-supply store. An ounce of good contract drafting or review is worth a pound of litigation costs.

In other words, it is – by far – worth the fees you pay a business contracts attorney to draft a contract when compared to the costs of litigating a dispute over a poorly drafted contract. If you’re still on the fence, click here for a recent blawg post on the perils of template and non-lawyer drafted contracts.


Business Contracts are the Keystone

The bottom line is that written agreements are literally the most important part of any business transaction – they are the keystone of every business-to-business or business-to-customer relationship. Template, Boiler-plate or non-lawyer drafted agreements generally fail to address all the necessary elements of the agreement, are not updated to account for recent changes in the law or court decisions, and are not customized to fit the needs of your business and the specific transaction.

Deficiencies in any one of these areas can be devastating to the contractual arrangement, as well as the businesses involved. When contract disputes arise – and no matter how accommodating the parties are at the time of contract, they often do – a poorly drafted contract can cost one or both parties substantial sums of money in attorneys’ fees, court & litigation costs, a settlement payment or an unfavorable court judgment.

Typical Contracts Drafted – Reviewed – Revised – Customized – Litigated by TJL

The Business Contracts Attorneys at The Jacobs Law draft, review, revise and customize a variety of contract types. Some of the more common types of written agreements our Business Attorney handle include:


Operating AgreementsEmployment AgreementsDistribution AgreementsFranchise Agreements
Partnership AgreementsNon-Complete / Non-Competition AgreementsManufacturing AgreementsMandatory Arbitration Agreements
Shareholder AgreementsNon-Solicitation AgreementsSales Representative AgreementsLoan Agreements & Promissory Notes
Stock Purchase & Sale AgreementsNon-Disclosure / Confidentiality AgreementsSale of Goods AgreementsSecurity Agreements
Business Purchase & Sale AgreementsSeverance, Separation & Termination AgreementsSale of Goods Invoices & Order FormsAdvertising Agency Agreements
Joint Venture AgreementsIndependent Contractor AgreementsGeneral Services AgreementIndeminification Agreements
Memorandum of UnderstandingConsulting Services AgreementsEquipment & Real Estate Lease AgreementsSettlement Agreements


Good Contract Drafting is Born in the Fires of Litigation

Not only do our Business Attorneys deal with contract matters from the transactional side, but they also represent clients in contract litigation. Every client should want their Business Agreements Attorney to have experience litigating contracts. Good contract drafting is born in and developed through the fires of litigation. A Contract Litigation Attorney has an advanced understanding of the elements of a contractual arrangement that typically breed disputes, and how contract terms and contract language can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) to support one position or another. This understanding can be invaluable when drafting, reviewing, revising or customizing a contract for a specific client, involved in a specific type of contractual relationship.

Fee Structures

The fees charged to draft, review, revise and customize a contract depend on a variety of factors.

  1. the purpose and nature of the contract,
  2. type of business or industry,
  3. number of pages (for contract reviews), and
  4. whether the client requires only the review of an existing contract, a review and revision, or a contract drafted and customized from scratch.

Depending on these factors, the Jacobs Law offers flat rates or hourly rates as well as flexible installment payment plans. Don’t be ‘penny wise and and pound foolish’ when it comes to business contracts that involve large sums of money, valuable assets, affect your livelihood or that your business will use for its customers or for business-to-business transactions on a regular basis – retain a Business Contracts Attorney at The Jacobs Law today.

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Your Attorneys for: Business Contracts: Draft – Revise – Review – Customize – Litigate
A Business Contracts Lawyer at The Jacobs Law can draft, revise, review, customize and litigate your business contract. Don’t put yourself or your business at risk by entering into a contract without having your own lawyer review it first, or with a template / boiler-plate or non-lawyer drafted contract. Contact a Boston Contracts Attorney at The Jacobs Law LLC today!

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