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Business Licenses & Permits

Business Licenses and PermitsBusiness licensing can take many forms – from formally registering your business as an independent legal entity (i.e. a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, LLP) to liquor licenses, entertainment licenses to professional and trade licenses (i.e. auto damage appraisal licenses, salon licenses, and plumbing & heating licenses).

As a business, you may require one or more of these types of business licenses – and a Business Law Attorney at The Jacobs Law LLC can help you get them.

State & Municipal Licenses and Permits:

Unfortunately for business owners, especially small businesses, the paperwork does not end with the above. There is a maze of federal, state and municipal rules and regulations and licensing requirements that apply to a variety of business operations from Auto Damage Appraisal to Daycare and Dentistry to Gas Stations to Health Clinics and Hospice Care to Land Licenses and PermitsSurveyors to Pet Shops and Plumbing to Restaurants to Used Car Dealerships to Well Drillers and Wellness Centers.

There are rules and regulations that many businesses have likely never even thought of. Yet the failure to obtain the proper licensing and permits, and to comply with applicable regulations can result in severe penalties and fines that can ruin a business before it gets off the ground.

Operating without having first obtained the necessary licenses and permits could even cause the local licensing authority or state licensing board (Division of Professional Licensure) to prevent the business from obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Furthermore, continued complaint with applicable regulatory schemes and license renewal requirements is necessary for business continuity and survival. A loss of license or permit can instantly translate into the loss of your business and livelihood.

Click Here for Board Licenses through the Division of Professional Licensure

THE JACOBS LAW | Your Attorneys for Business Licenses & Permits

A Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law LLC can assist you in all aspects of your licensing and permitting applications, maintenance and renewals. Our Business Lawyers have experience handling license complaints and Orders to Show Cause at the state level before the Division of Professional Licensure and at the municipal level. Contact a Boston Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law LLC today to choose the entity for your business, register your business, and get assistance with federal, state and municipal licenses and permits.

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