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Class Actions

Being forced into litigation can cause any business to suffer not only a monetary loss, but also a loss of focus and productivity as time, attention and resources are diverted from the company’s core enterprise in order to deal with the litigation. When a group of employees, consumers or other plaintiffs combine to bring a class action, the potential consequences for the business increase exponentially. The business litigation attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC help companies in Boston develop a sound strategy to deal with pending class action litigation and provide strong, effective representation in the resolution and defense of class action complaints.

Class action litigation can be complex and challenging

Plaintiffs’ lawyers love class actions, because the potential for damages awarded against a company can be enormous. While the perceived harm to one person may be too small to be worth fighting over, lawyers get interested when many individual claims can be brought together in one case. Class action litigation is especially discouraging for the business owners, who might prefer to settle a small claim with an individual, but instead get forced into major litigation with millions at stake.

The Jacobs Law represents Boston businesses facing class action litigation in a number of areas, including:

  • Wage & Hour – Employers accused of wage theft under the Massachusetts Wage Act or federal Fair Labor Standards Act face exposure in the thousands or millions for claims of minimum wage violations, unpaid overtime, or employees working off the clock.

  • Defective Products – Consumers can hold manufacturers strictly liable for design defects, manufacturing defects, or failure to warn about safety issues. Distributers and retailers that sell the product can be targeted for consumer class actions as well.

In addition to large employers in any industry, companies which are often the subject of class action lawsuits include financial institutions, telecommunications companies, restaurants and retail chains, publicly traded companies and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers.

Help is Available from Experienced Boston Class Action Litigation Attorneys

If your company has been hit with mass tort litigation, multi-district litigation or class action litigation, getting help right away from sophisticated, experienced business litigators is essential to mounting a strong and effective defense. In Boston, contact The Jacobs Law LLC for immediate assistance.

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