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Business Debt & Accounts Receivable Collection Services

Debt Collections

As part of our one-stop suite of legal services, The Jacobs Law LLC provides debt collection services to our business clients. We collect on outstanding customer accounts, accounts receivable and business-to-business debts and unpaid contractual obligations.

We have been highly successful in obtaining judgments or settlement arrangements for our business clients. We also use court judgments to obtain attachments, liens and/or wage garnishments. Most customer accounts are filed with the small claims court, which the Collections Attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC have considerable experience in navigating.

Higher-value debt collections cases are filed in District or Superior Court. Our [attorneys, lawyers, are also available to appear in courts in the Greater Boston area for other legal counsel, in-house counsel, or act as local counsel in collections matters.

THE JACOBS LAW | Your Attorneys for Business Debt & Accounts Receivable Collection

If your business is owed debt pursuant to a contract or promissory note or outstanding accounts receivable, contact one of the Business Lawyers at The Jacobs Law today. Our Business Lawyers can advise you and assist in the collection of the outstanding debt and accounts receivable owed to your business.

Contact a Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law today at 800.652.4783, ContactUs@TheJacobsLaw.com or complete the simple form at our Contact Us page.

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