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Business Torts

Although business litigation often arises due to a breach of contract dispute, business litigation can ensue from many different corners, even among parties that have no contractual business relationship between them. Tort-based business litigation can have significant consequences for either party to the litigation; the business litigation lawyers at The Jacob Law understand what is at stake. We provide strategic advice and excellent representation to plaintiffs and defendants in business tort litigation throughout the Boston area and across the spectrum of local business and industry.

Comprehensive Representation in All Business Tort Litigation

A business tort is basically any civil wrong not based in contract that the law provides a remedy for, whether that remedy be financial reparations and money damages, a civil injunction to end a certain business practice, or a combination of both. The Jacobs Law LLC handles the full range of business tort litigation in Boston, including:

Unfair Competition – The Massachusetts Consumer Protection law prohibits unfair or deceptive actions by business owners, including engaging in an unfair method of competition that causes a business loss or may have the effect of causing such a loss. Aggrieved business owners can recover actual damages as well as double or triple damages in certain cases.

Deceptive Business Practices – The Massachusetts Consumer Protection law gives the Attorney General as well as consumers the right to take legal action against businesses which engage in “unfair or deceptive practices,” such as bait and switch and false advertising, charging higher prices than the price marked or advertised, refusing to honor warranty agreements and more. Consumers can recover compensation for the damages they actually suffered, or two or three times that amount when it can be shown the unlawful conduct was willful and knowing, and the business refused in bad faith to grant relief to the consumer. With the possibility of multiple damage awards or even class actions, having strong and effective representation in a deceptive practices lawsuit is critical.

Fraudulent Misrepresentation – Businesses can be liable for an intentional misrepresentation of fact that directly caused harm, or for harm caused by the failure to disclose a material fact.

Commercial Disparagement and Business Defamation – A business’ reputation can be as valuable as the actual goods or services the company offers. In today’s online world, a single false and defamatory review can cause significant damage and potentially ruin a business. Our experienced Boston business tort attorneys handle industrial slander and libel claims involving lost profits, including complex defamation issues such as fact versus opinion and the truth of the matter alleged.

Count on The Jacobs Law for strong, effective representation in any business tort, including:

  • Tortious Interference with Business Relations
  • Theft or misappropriation of trade secrets or other infringement on intellectual property
  • Interception, surveillance or theft of email communications
  • Bad faith insurance practices

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The Boston business tort lawyers at The Jacobs Law work to obtain results you will be happy with in your business tort litigation, from pre-trial litigation strategy to representation in Massachusetts state courts as needed. If you have received a 93A civil demand letter or judicial complaint, or if you believe you are being harmed by the actions of a competing business, call The Jacobs Law LLC at 1-800-652-4783 to schedule your consultation with a team of skilled and experienced business torts attorneys.

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