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Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Internal disputes can be just as bad for business as litigation originating from outside parties. Typically complex, shareholder and partnership disputes need to be handled strategically and appropriately. Otherwise, valuable companies can find themselves imploding while long-term personal and professional relationships are severely damaged or lost. The Jacobs Law LLC helps Boston businesses navigate the complicated path through shareholder and partnership disputes and other corporate litigation.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Partnerships may involve personal, even family, relationships, and the importance of preserving those relationships may be a critical, sensitive issue in the face of a partnership dispute. Additionally, it may be important to the parties to continue to conduct business together in the future, or to maintain their reputation in the business community.

Business breakup or dissolution is sometimes referred to as business divorce, reminiscent of the close relationship between partners that can often be formed. The lack of a strong partnership agreement spelling out the dissolution process can result in more complicated litigation over business assets and liabilities. Business divorce can be emotional and stressful, with feelings ranging from wanting to fight back against the other party to just wanting to get it over with quickly. In either case, emotional decisions rarely translate to rational business decisions. The Jacobs Law business litigation attorneys offer sound advice and representation to make sure the right decisions are made in your best interests.

Our lawyers handle disputes over operational decisions, business succession, or the resignation or expulsion of a member, including litigating the distribution of assets and liabilities as well as leases, loans and contracts with third parties which may need to be renegotiated or litigated as well.

Corporate Litigation

Officers and directors owe fiduciary duties to the corporation, and shareholders who question the legality of management decisions may bring derivative suits against corporate officers on behalf of the corporation. Shareholders are rightly interested in how a business is run, but they may lack a proper understanding of the decision-making processes at management and board levels. The Jacobs Law LLC represents parties in shareholder disputes where it is believed directors are acting illegally or fraudulently, as well as other situations such as when shareholders become deadlocked in voting power. Our experience spans the spectrum of shareholder and investment disputes, including investment fraud and securities violations claims and other business torts.

Help with Complex Shareholder and Partner Disputes in Boston Business Litigation

For sound advice and effective representation in the resolution of shareholder and partnership disputes in the Boston area, call the skilled and experienced business litigation attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC for a consultation at 1-800-652-4783.

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