Business Capitalization & InvestmentFinancing for New Businesses

Small- and medium-sized businesses often require additional capital to operate, expand or invest in new technologies. Such capital can come from a variety of sources including short-to-medium term financing and the selling of shares or ownership interest (i.e. equity) in the business entity.

Many small- to medium-sized businesses’ investment offerings are exempt from the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Regulations. To be eligible for exempt status, and maintain compliance there are still several filings and disclosures required at both the federal and state level. The Business Law Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC have experience with, and can assist in, reviewing financing-related documents (loan agreements, promissory notes, and lease agreements) as well as draft, complete and file the documentation necessary to comply with various Securities Regulations. Recent federal legislation has also made “Crowd Funding” an easier financing option that The Jacobs Law LLC can help your business take advantage of.

If you have the next ‘big idea’ and need financing to commercialize it, require additional capital to build and expand your successful business, or have specific individuals already interested in investing in your business, contact the Business Law Lawyers at The Jacobs Law, LLC for assistance today.

Business Investment

Managing, Buying & Selling Business Ownership Interests

Establishing and managing Business Ownership Interests are key tasks to a successful business. And it is the Business Ownership Interest that is the central concern of every business sale or purchase. It is also particularly important to potential investors and the exchange of Business Ownership Interest for investment funds. As part of an investment arrangement or the purchase and sale of a business, the parties must value the Business Ownership Interest, identify restrictions on the sale or transfer of the Business Ownership Interest, and comply with the terms of such contracts as Shareholder Agreements, Operating Agreements, and LLC Membership Ownership Agreements.

The Jacobs Law LLC represents businesses, entrepreneurs and investors in connection with the purchase or sale of interests, and investment, in various business ventures. Our Business Attorneys can assist in and provide reasoned legal advice on issues involving business valuation, buyout provisions, rights of first refusal and other matters that pertain to business ownership and the purchase or sale of business ownership interests.

Boston Business LawyersA Boston Business Attorney at The Jacobs Law LLC will help to negotiate and draft documents for the purchase, sale or investment in a business including, but certainly not limited to: purchase and sale contracts, shareholder contracts, operating, partnership agreements, memoranda of understanding, joint venture contracts, confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements, and investment-related contracts.

If you are selling a business or buying a business, or simply managing the ownership interests of your current business, the Boston Business Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC are ready to [assist, help, advise} you throughout the process.


Boston Business Lawyers

 Your Attorneys for Business Capitalization, Investment & Ownership Interests

A Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law LLC can assist you in all aspects of your Business Capitalization, Investment & Financing, and managing your Business Ownership Interests. Contact a Boston Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law LLC today.