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Intellectual Property Licensing & Commercialization

Maximize Revenue from IP Assets

Maximize Revenue from IP Assets

Intellectual Property Licensing & Commercialization are essential to maximizing revenue from your business’ Intellectual Property assets. The Business Law Attorneys at The Jacobs Law can assist you or your business in putting your patents, trademarks or copyrights to work for you by providing the following legal services essential to Intellectual Property Licensing and Commercialization:

  1. Assist in Negotiating Intellectual Property License and Assignment Agreements

    Clients are often uncomfortable negotiating license and assignment contracts on their own. This is typically due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the process, and the fact that many clients recognize that a poorly negotiated contract – or a one-sided agreement – can be detrimental to one’s intellectual property rights or the benefits received from the contract.

  2. Draft, Review and Revise Intellectual Property License and Assignment Agreements

    Just as with a negotiation, the terms and provisions of a written contract will define the IP owner’s rights and obligations and the relationship between licensor and licensee, assignor and assignee or buyer and seller. A competent lawyer will draft and finalize a comprehensive contract that properly reflects the parties’ agreement, and protects the IP owner.

  3. Develop and Implement An Intellectual Property Commercialization Strategy

    This includes Intellectual Property administration and management. Intellectual Property Administration involves the creation of IP assets – converting innovation from research and development into IP assets by filing applications for registration, monitoring for infringement, enforcement of IP rights and IP maintenance.

    Intellectual Property Management involves managing an owner’s portfolio of IP assets, identifying opportunities for economic gain, pursuing those opportunities and integrating them into a strategy to maximize the value of each IP asset and the portfolio as a whole. Commercialization and monetization of Intellectual Property typically involves exclusive (or non-exclusive) licensing agreements.

    Startups must conduct a cost-benefit analysis, consider their short- and long-term goals, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a particular strategy.

If your business has Intellectual Property assets to license or commercialize, then you should contact the experienced attorneys at The Jacobs Law today to negotiate and draft Licensing Agreements, and assist in the development and implementation of an Intellectual Property Commercialization Strategy. Speak with a lawyer at The Jacobs Law today at 1-800-652-4783, email ContactUs@TheJacobsLaw.com or complete the simple form at our Contact Us page.

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