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Chess Pawn Standing In A Spotlight That Make A Shadow Of Queen With Darkness Actistic Conversion

USPTO Introduces Pilot Program To Fight Fake Specimens – What You Need To Know

By Travis Jacobs |

As more companies have stressed the importance of brand protection, the USPTO has seen an increase in trademark applications. Often, Applicants apply for trademarks with a broad scope of goods and services, as they do not know how they are going to grow and expand as a company. When filing an in-use application, some… Finish Reading USPTO Introduces Pilot Program To Fight Fake Specimens – What You Need To Know

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What is Trademark Incontestability?

By Travis Jacobs |

A trademark can quickly become a significant asset for a business as it is a source identifier to consumers and competitors of your brand. After obtaining a federal trademark registration, you may think you are finished with the trademark process. Once the mark is registered, you must continue using the mark in commerce, and… Finish Reading What is Trademark Incontestability?

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Trademark Application And Protection

How to Lose a Trademark in 3 Ways

By Travis Jacobs |

Trademarks and Service Marks need to be renewed, maintained, monitored and actively protected from infringement. The following are three ways to lose a trademark: Abandonment of the mark. Trademark abandonment occurs when the owner of the Trademark or Service Mark stops using the mark, with no intention to use it again. Improper use, or misuse, of a mark by… Finish Reading How to Lose a Trademark in 3 Ways

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