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Businesses and Employers should use caution when terminating an employee

Massachusetts Court Kicks Non-Compete Breach Suit to California

By Travis Jacobs |

The case discussed here is a fact pattern that has come through The Jacobs Law previously. A California employer with multiple offices throughout the United States has an employee who works in California and enters into an employment {contract, agreement} that contains a {non-compete, non-competition} provision. However, California has essentially banned {non-compete, non-competition} restrictions on employees… Finish Reading Massachusetts Court Kicks Non-Compete Breach Suit to California

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Perils of Template & Self-Drafted Contracts

By Travis Jacobs |

A contract is the document that details the agreement between parties. It governs the rights, obligations and remedies of the parties, and identifies all aspects of the agreement. Many parties to a contract to simply obtain a template or sample contract online without knowing whether it was drafted by a qualified person, if it is applicable in the state the parties are in, applicable to the type of transaction between the parties, if it includes all the necessary or important terms, or whether it includes language that improperly benefits or hurts one party or the other. Sometimes a template or random sample contract can do more harm than good. The cost of contract drafting and revision is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs in time, money and frustration of a poorly drafted contract. If you are in need of contract drafting, contract review and/or contract revisions, contact the contract lawyers at The Jacobs Law today. Finish Reading Perils of Template & Self-Drafted Contracts

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