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The TJL Philosophy

Commercial Litigation lawyer

From the types of legal services we offer, our fast response time to client calls and emails, our client access to the lead attorney handling their legal matter, and the flexible billing structures we provide, The Jacobs Law LLC is designed to meet the needs of our busy and cost-conscious business and entrepreneur clients; and to exceed their expectations.

We understand that legal costs and the inability to consistently estimate them, are the two major obstacles that business owners and entrepreneurs face in obtaining the legal services they want and need to start, maintain or expand their business enterprise. To make it easier for our clients to forecast and budget their legal expenses, we offer competitive fixed fees for most of our business formation and registration services. In addition, our hourly rates are more than palatable given the quality of service, attention to detail and level of expertise and experience of our Business Law & Litigation Lawyers.

Business People Working with Technology

By integrating new technologies into our practice, such as web-based video-conferencing, the Boston Business Lawyers at The Jacobs Law are able to meet with, update and discuss the legal needs of our busy clients from virtually anywhere in the world. Our client and case management software enables us to organize and manage large work portfolios and stay ahead of deadlines. As a result, it is increasingly more efficient and convenient for our clients to receive quality legal services tailored to their specific business needs.

Why pay for your current lawyer’s high-rise office space with a large, glass-filled waiting area and spectacular view of Boston Harbor? These perks translate into higher overhead costs; not higher quality of legal services or greater experience. The hourly rates you’re paying now, are paying for that enormous overhead. How much time do you spend in your lawyer’s waiting area anyway? If you don’t mind paying high hourly rates to cover that overhead, give us a call, we have a bridge to sell you.

At The Jacobs Law, we are a business too – and we apply the same cost-saving and efficiency principles our business clients deal with every day. Our low overhead and use of increased-efficiency technologies, means our costs are lower, and we pass those cost savings on to our business clients. You can obtain quality legal services without overpaying for the enormous overhead of larger business law firms – Read our Client Reviews for yourself.

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