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Business Start-Up Legal Services for Retirees

Many retirees find that the skills they have learned and accumulated throughout years of education, work, management and problem solving are perfect for starting a new business and managing its operations. Often referred to as “Baby Boomers”, retirees and those over 50 have been one of the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs in recent years. The Boston Business Attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC provide a cost-conscious option to retirees interested in starting their own business after decades of experience. You can review some of the Business Law legal services we provide by Clicking Here. To start the next chapter of your working career tomorrow, Contact Us at The Jacobs Law LLC today!

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New England is TOPS for Retirees’ New Business Start-Ups

The Northeast (including Massachusetts) is the only U.S. region to experience an increase in entrepreneurship and new business start-ups overall. These facts reveal that states like Massachusetts provide excellent opportunities for retired men and women to start a second career. However, it is not always retirement that is the catalyst for people in this age group to start a new business.

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Given the last 5 years of economic turmoil and job losses, many highly skilled and experienced workers have lost their jobs well before considering retirement. These men and women are often just as motivated and determined to redefine themselves as entrepreneurs and start a new business. Retirees and others over 50 often start a new business to fulfill a dream, stay busy, give back to their community, help fund their retirement, as well as a variety of other reasons. And the large pool of highly educated talent in Massachusetts is perfect for business start-ups.

There are many web-based resources available that provide retirees with advice and checklists to get started on a new business, but those resources often lack the important face-to-face availability that the Boston Business Attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC provide.

The Jacobs Law LLC takes pride in providing high quality, cost-conscious business start-up legal services with a personal touch for retirees and those over 50.

“Although we take advantage of technology to achieve greater efficiency and connectivity for our business and entrepreneur clients, we also acknowledge and embrace the value of in-person interaction and one-on-one, face-to-face client consultations.”
-Travis J. Jacobs, Esq., Managing Partner at The Jacobs Law LLC

We advise retirees on the very important choice of entity type for their new business, assist with tax implications and business succession issues, obtain tax ID numbers, draft and file registration documents, draft and finalize partnership agreements, operating agreements and bylaws, and draft and review contracts (including lease agreements) all of which can be essential to any new business.

THE JACOBS LAW | Your Attorneys for Business Start-Ups for Retirees

A Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law LLC can assist you in all aspects of your post-retirement business start-up. Contact a Boston Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law today to choose the most appropriate entity for your business given your post-retirement circumstances, formally register your business, and get assistance with federal, state and municipal licenses and permits.

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