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Has Your Business Been Sued in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Business LawyerThere are many reasons why a company can be sued in another state (or a state in which it has no physical presence). Some of those reasons are discussed here (e.g. forum selection clause in a contract, selling goods or services into the state, committing a tort like negligence in the state, defaming someone in the state).

Regardless of the reason why, if your company has been sued in New Hampshire you need legal assistance fast because there are very short deadlines to respond to a complaint. The New Hampshire Business Litigation Attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC can help.

Our competitive rates, use of video communications technology and client-centric C.A.R.E. philosophy are even more important when your Attorney is hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Our Business Litigation and Business Law Lawyers have represented numerous out of state businesses who have been dragged into court out of their home state.  We understand how stressful this process can be, especially when it is totally unexpected.

If your company has been sued in New Hampshire then you need a New Hampshire Business Attorneys. Please contact the Business Litigation Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC today at 800-652-4783 or BUSINESS@THEJACOBSLAW.COM.

We Offer Litigation Representation in These Courts, and More…

  • New Hampshire Federal District Court
  • Supreme Court of New Hampshire
  • Belknap Superior Court
  • Hillsborough Superior Court North
  • Hillsborough Superior Court South
  • Cheshire Superior Court
  • Merrimack Superior Court
  • Rockingham Superior Court
  • Strafford Superior Court
  • Sullivan Superior Court
  • 4th Circuit – District Division – Laconia
  • 5th Circuit – District Division – Claremont
  • 5th Circuit – District Division – Newport
  • 6th Circuit – District Division – Concord
  • 6th Circuit – District Division – Franklin
  • 6th Circuit – District Division – Hillsborough
  • 6th Circuit – District Division – Hooksett
  • 7th Circuit – District Division – Dover
  • 7th Circuit – District Division – Rochester
  • 8th Circuit – District Division – Jaffrey
  • 9th Circuit – District Division – Milford
  • 9th Circuit – District Division – Goffstown
  • 9th Circuit – District Division – Nashua
  • 9th Circuit – District Division – Manchester
  • 9th Circuit – District Division – Merrimack
  • 10th Circuit – District Division – Salem
  • 10th Circuit – District Division – Derry
  • 10th Circuit – District Division – Portsmouth
  • 10th Circuit – District Division – Hampton
  • 10th Circuit – District Division – Brentwood

Benefits of New Hampshire Local Counsel

First, we know New Hampshire laws, local rules of court, civil procedure, and case precedent.

Second, all we do is business-related litigation and transactional work, so our Lawyers are familiar with the New Hampshire judicial system.

Third, since we often require local counsel in other states for our own clients’ court cases, we know what works and what does not work. We also treat our out-of-state clients, and the lawyers who hire us as local counsel, the way we want to be treated when we are in your shoes. We are dedicated to advancing small business interests everywhere!

At The Jacobs Law LLC, we really do C.A.R.ECompetence. Accessibility. Responsiveness. Efficiency.

The Jacobs Law LLC’s Business Litigation Attorneys pride themselves on being regularly accessible, available and responsive to all clients: big and small, local and out-of-town. We accomplish this by regularly updating our clients by email, taking client calls whenever possible, returning client calls as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours) and by using communications technology such as video-conferencing to bridge the distance between us. Even our local clients also take advantage of these features to avoid the time, traffic and parking costs that a trip into the office requires. COVID-19 has only expanded the use of the technologies and systems we had implemented years ago!

You can speak directly to the lawyers handling your case. We do not dodge your calls by handing you off to a secretary, legal assistant, paralegal or low level associate who knows little about your case or the legal strategy.

Our Lawyers are competent, thoughtful, strategic thinkers who make a plan and then engage in legal maneuvers to execute that plan based, in part, on the client’s budget and appetite for risk. If your business entity has been sued in New Hampshire or you require local counsel to pursue a lawsuit in New Hampshire, please contact the Business Litigation Attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC today at 800-652-4783 or BUSINESS@THEJACOBSLAW.COM.

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