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The Forum Selection Clause:

Most contracts – for everything from the sale of goods or services to business loans to non-compete agreements to investment agreements – contain what are called a ‘forum selection clause’. A forum selection clause is used to pre-determine the jurisdiction and very often the specific court in which any dispute related to the contract must be brought. Lawsuits filed in a jurisdiction outside the scope of the forum selection clause can be dismissed.

Typically a forum selection clause favors one party over another. Often the seller of goods or services or lender or employer will choose the forum closest to them. For a counterparty (buyer of goods or services, borrower or employee, etc.) located across the country or in another country, a forum selection clause can be a real and expensive barrier to filing suit. In order to file suit for claims related to the contract – such as a breach of contract – that counterparty typically must hire an attorney located, and licensed to practice law, in the forum chosen by the forum selection clause.

Lawsuit in Massachusetts

Local Counsel in Massachusetts

That’s where The Jacobs Law LLC comes in. Our Business Lawyers regularly represent out-of-state clients who have been sued in a Massachusetts court or who desire to file a lawsuit in a Massachusetts court against a party located here and/or pursuant to the requirements of a forum selection clause. We are dedicated to advancing small business interests everywhere, and provide Business Law and Business Litigation legal services to our clients.

Quality, Accessibility, Cost-Efficient Representation:

The Jacobs Law LLC’s Business Litigation Lawyers pride themselves on being regularly accessible and readily available to all clients: big and small, local and out-of-town. We accomplish this by regularly updating our clients by email, taking client calls whenever possible, returning client calls as soon as possible and by using communications technology such as video-conferencing and file and screen sharing software to bridge the distance between us. Our local clients also take advantage of these features to avoid the time, traffic and parking costs that a trip into the city requires.

National law firms that may have an office in your home state are one option but consider the additional costs:

  1. a national law firm with an office in Phoenix, Arizona may charge one amount in Phoenix but its Boston office will likely charge some of the highest rates in the city. Once your case is referred out to the Boston office, you will be assessed the rates charged by the office that does the work: Boston. Because we keep our overhead low, our hourly rates are highly competitive and in many cases may be less than half the rates charged by partner-level lawyers in a national law firm’s Boston office.
  2. a national law firm with an office in your home city and an office in Boston or a relationship with an affiliated law firm in Boston will increase fees and costs because the home firm will charge you to copy and transfer the file, to communicate with and receive updates from the Boston attorney and, in some circumstances, to review the work of the Boston attorney.

You can avoid these additional costs and expenses by retaining The Jacobs Law LLC directly.

Counties & Courts For Which We Offer Litigation Representation:

Suffolk County Superior Court                        Norfolk County Superior Courts

Boston Municipal Court                                    Dedham Superior Court

District Courts in Essex County                       Plymouth County Superior Courts

Newburyport Superior Court                           Plymouth Superior Court

Salem Superior Court                                        Brockton Superior Court

Lawrence Superior Court                                  District Courts in Essex County

Essex County Superior Courts                         District Courts in Plymouth County

District Courts in Bristol County                     District Courts in Middlesex County

Middlesex County Superior Courts                 Woburn Superior Court

Lowell Superior Court                                        Bristol County Superior Courts

Taunton Superior Court                                    New Bedford Superior Court

Fall River Superior Court                                  District Courts in Norfolk County

If you or your business have been sued in Massachusetts or you need to sue a party in a Massachusetts, you need a Massachusetts lawyer. The Boston Business Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC can help – and you will benefit from our competitive rates, use of communications technology and client-centric philosophy. Please contact the Business Litigation Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC today at 800-652-4783 or BUSINESS@THEJACOBSLAW.COM.

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