The Jacobs Law LLC ‘Stepping Stone’ Scholarship

The Jacobs Law LLC started the Stepping-Stone Scholarship for an entering or current 1st year student at Suffolk University Law School who attended a Massachusetts community college for at least two (2) completed semesters or one (1) completed year. The amount for the 2016 submission year is $1,000.

We know and understand that it takes a lot of motivation, hard-work, time & perseverance to get into a law school such as SULS. But getting to SULS for those that started at a community college often requires even greater dedication and drive. These individuals typically need to work while attending school, care for children or family, are veterans or have other commitments that make the path from high school to a community college to a four-year college to an ABA accredited law school such as SULS, all the more difficult. But attendance at a community college is often the starting point – the stepping stone – for these dedicated individuals.

By starting the “Stepping-Stone Scholarship”, The Jacobs Law LLC seeks to recognize and honor thesebusiness litigation lawyers impressive and hard-working students. Please read below for eligibility rules and submission guidelines.

  1. Eligibility Rules
    • Entering or current 1st year law student at Suffolk University Law School,
    • Attended a Massachusetts community college for at least two (2) completed semesters or one (1) completed year (graduates who graduated from and/or received a degree from a Massachusetts community college will be given preference),
    • Achieved no less than a cumulative GPA of 3.2 while attending the Massachusetts community college,
    • Only one (1) scholarship will be awarded each year.
  2. Application Submission Guidelines:
    • Send all applications and documents to SCHOLARSHIP@THEJACOBSLAW.COM
    • All applications and documents must be sent from your SULS-issued email. Applications or documents from non-SULS emails will not be reviewed,
    • Send an academic transcript from the last semester you completed at any Massachusetts community college (this does not need to be an original, it can be a copy of the transcripts used for your SULS application),
    • Write and submit a four (4) page (Times Roman, 12 font, 1 inch margins, double spaced) essay explaining why and what circumstances impacted your decision to attend a Massachusetts community college and how the experience helped you.
  3. Important Dates and Deadlines: The following dates will apply each year. If a date falls on a weekend day, Federal holiday or Massachusetts state holiday, then the deadline will be extended to the next business day.
    • Open Submissions Period:  February 18 – September 18
    • Deadline to Submit Applications: September 18
    • Decisions on Award Deadline: November 30
    • Scholarship funds will be disbursed within forty-five (45) days of the decision deadline.

If you have any questions, please call 800-652-4783 and ask to speak with the Scholarship Administrator.

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