Lease a Lawyer

Lease a Lawyer®

At The Jacobs Law, LLC, we offer a valuable service to our Business and Entrepreneur Clients: “Lease a Lawyer”®

With “Lease a Lawyer”® , you can obtain the services and advice of an experienced business lawyer for up to three (3) days† at the flat rate of $1699/day. You can choose to Lease a Lawyer for 1, 2, or 3 days or a half-day (4 hours) at $999 Get the flexibility of having an attorney advise and assist your business, when you need it and at a fixed cost.

A Dedicated Lawyer for your Business

An experienced business lawyer will travel to your business office‡ and meet with you, your business partners, your employees, human resources director, board of directors or any other individuals in your business that require legal advice.  

Contracts, Policies, Legal Advice & More

Lawyer for a Day

Your ‘leased lawyer’ can conduct a Q&A on legal issues that impact your business, review contracts, human resource policies, consumer demand letters (MGL 93A Demand Letters), civil complaints and a variety of other legal documents for whichword cloud - startup company you have questions or concerns and require legal advice.

We even welcome members of shared workspaces or business incubators to Lease a Lawyer® for the day to meet with various groups and answer questions, review short contracts, and provide advice on key issues. 

In addition, your ‘leased lawyer’ can draft or revise contracts you require for employees and independent contractors (such as employment / independent contractor agreements, and non-disclosure, non-competition, and protection of intellectual property agreements), adding owners to your business (such as operating, partnership or shareholder agreements), complete and file trademark applications, complete and file business formation/registration documents with the state, and much more.  

Our Lease a Lawyer® service is a great, inexpensive and no-nonsense option for individuals with a business ‘idea’ but who don’t know where to start, for start-up companies with limited funds, and for established small businesses that just need a the extra attention of a dedicated, on-site lawyer, but do not want to hire full-time in-house legal counsel.

Of course, Lease a Lawyer® is not available for every legal matterº, but we believe you will find The Jacobs Law’s Lease A Lawyer® is an excellent, cost-effective service to assist you and your business with a multitude of issues every business faces. Contact us today at to lease your lawyer!

Business Law and Business Litigation Contracts

†one day is equal to eight (8) hours or less, but lunch and any breaks are not counted against the eight (8) hours.
‡for the moment, the service is only offered within 30 miles of the Massachusetts State House in Boston, Massachusetts location.
ºthe lawyers at The Jacobs Law reserve the right to decline any representation or to determine the eligibility of your legal matter for our Lease a Lawyer® service.