Irrevocable Trusts & Other Wealth Management Vehicles Are a Requirement for the Successful Business Owner!

boston business lawyerAre you a successful business owner? Then you need an irrevocable trust or other wealth management vehicle to protect your livelihood and all the wealth you’ve worked years to accumulate. Simply registering an LLC or corporation is not enough to protect your wealth. 

One lawsuit, one serious car accident, your death, and a host of other unfortunate events that no one thinks will ever happen to them – could put it ALL at risk. Why take that chance?

The Business Attorneys at The Jacobs Law LLC have seen it before – a client with a successful small business has just been sued (both personally/individually and in the name of his/her business) for discrimination or harassment or Massachusetts Wage Act violations.

Though successful, like many small businesses, the business may have few valuable or tangible assets (a.k.a. it is ‘undercapitalized’), you failed to file annual reports, and may have comingled business and personal assets. All of these factors increase the likelihood that a court will ‘pierce the corporate veil’ and allow an injured party or other type of claimant-plaintiff to pierce the structure of the LLC or corporation to satisfy a judgment against the owners of the business.

In the event that happens, irrevocable trusts and other wealth management or wealth protection vehicles may be your only protection.

If you would like to protect your personal assets, contact the experienced Business Attorneys at The Jacobs Law today at 1-800-652-4783 or email Our attorneys can assist you in protecting your personal assets from business-related liabilities.

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